Jay Z Weighs In On Financial Debate

Jay Z may have finally put an end to the financial internet debate: $500k or Dinner w/ him.

With some much trolling, and just being a polarizing platform on its own, internet debates, especially the financial ones are always insufferable.n

To get vaccinated or not? What’s the best way to draw an X? Jordan or LeBron? To shower or not to shower? Is this dress blue or gold? The list goes on and on, and y’all remember them because 9 times outta 10, you engaged in the fuckery. I know I have.

But there’s a certain place in my mind, where I just despise debates when they involve financial matters. What would you rather have, a perfect credit score or a certain of money? Yikes! Recently, someone decided to take out the credit score part of it and replace that with dinner with Jay Z. Of course, most would love to have dinner with Hov, but when you throw an either-or into that equation and it involves money, $500k to be exact? The smart answer will forever and always be taking the money.

Yet in typical internet fashion, some people chose the dinner. Now I can sit here and point out this hypothetical occurrence is pointless because $500k is $500k, and whatever advice Jay Z gives, would most likely only be beneficial if you had $500k.

“Take your drug money and buy the neighborhood

That’s how you rinse it”

Now for those that will still pick the dinner. It appears that you all have forced Hov’s hand into giving some free advice, sans the dinner, with a tweet from the Tidal account: 

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