Behind the Scenes of Dior’s 3D-Printed Shoe Creation

The fashion industry is buzzing with the latest trend of 3D-printed design, and Paris is at the forefront of this movement. On January 20, BOTTER and Reebok unveiled a wild 3D-printed sneaker, and later that day, Dior showcased its fully 3D-printed Derby shoe as part of its FW23 presentation. Dior has previously experimented with 3D-printed wearables, but this is the first time the French house has attempted to create a one-piece 3D-printed shoe.

The 3D-printed Derby shoe boasts a futuristic design, resembling the midsole of an adidas 4DFWD. It comes in black colorways, with subtle Dior branding at the heel and underfoot, and a quicklace toggle fastening. The shoe is lightweight and has a more formal silhouette, making it approachable for even the most devoted sneakerheads.

This latest trend in 3D-printed footwear begs the question: is this the future of shoes? Brands like Givenchy and Zellerfeld are pushing for the technology to go mainstream, but smaller brands may not have access to the same level of quality construction. As the production of 3D-printed footwear becomes more accessible for designers, it’s easy to imagine more shoes being shaped by computers. Dior’s FW23 shoes are a testament to this seemingly inevitable future.