Kid Cudi Unveils His Mysterious Fashion Line

It’s finally here, OKAY! Kid Cudi‘s Member of the Rage (MOTR for short) clothing line was unveiled in full at Paris Fashion Week and let me tell you, it’s lit. The designs are straight fire and exactly what you’d expect from Cudi – flashy, trendy, and dripping with his personal style. A showroom was set up for guests to touch and try on the new high-end line, and it’s clear that Cudi put a lot of thought and effort into this collection. Although, the brand hasn’t really given us much information beyond a dead website and a vague Instagram bio, this debut collection speaks for itself.

Cudi announced that he was working on MOTR back in 2021 and confirmed that it would be launching in 2023. So, this Fall/Winter 2023 collection probably won’t be released until Summer 2023, but he might drop a few pieces early to keep us on our toes. Fingers crossed!

This collection definitely lives up to MOTR’s mission statement, but it’s also heavily influenced by Cudi’s own personal taste. It’s a co-ed collection, with references to stuff he has been spotted wearing in the past few years. You’ll see his ERL wedding dress, BAPE-inspired camo, and even a Midnight Studios-like boombox bag. Teddy fleece, baggy jeans, and spaceman vibes are all over the place.

MOTR also includes accessories, like this bespoke sneaker. Be prepared to drop some cash on this collection because Cudi is positioning MOTR as a luxury label. But trust me, it’s worth it. Stay tuned for more surprises leading up to MOTR’s official debut by the end of the year.

Cudi’s killin’ it and on top of his game! Can’t wait to see what other fire he’s got cookin’!