Rihanna Teases ‘Weird’ New Music For Super Bowl Setlist

It’s been nearly seven years since Rihanna last graced the live music stage, but the global pop icon is back with a bang. With her highly anticipated performance at the Super Bowl halftime show, the Barbados-born singer is set to light up the biggest stage in the world.

When I first got the call to do the show, I was like ‘Are you sure?’ I was three months postpartum and wasn’t sure if I should be making major decisions like this,” Rihanna confessed during an Apple Music press conference ahead of the big show. “But as scary as it was, being a mom has given me this sense that I can take on the world and do anything. It’s important for me to do this year and it’s important for my son to see that.”

Creating a setlist for the 13-minute performance has been the biggest challenge for Rihanna, who has a career that spans eight albums and 17 years.

We’re on our 39th version of the setlist right now,” Rihanna revealed. “Every little change counts, but there are some songs we have to lose because of the time constraint. That’s going to be okay.”

Rihanna’s Caribbean roots will be a significant part of the halftime show, representing her home country of Barbados and Black women everywhere. Fans have been eagerly waiting for Rihanna’s next move in music, and the singer teased, “Musically, I’m feeling open to exploring, discovering, creating things that are new, things that are different, things that are off, weird. It might not ever make sense to my fans… I want to have fun with music.”

Don’t miss the chance to witness Rihanna’s electrifying return to the live music stage during the Super Bowl halftime show, airing Sunday, Feb. 12 on Fox.