Backesto Park isn’t just the title of Williamson‘s latest album, it’s an actually park in San Jose, California, the same place that the electronic influenced post rock artist is from and it appears he’s looking to shed some light on place that has inspired his artistic abilities. While it may be a bit different to listen to an entire album with no lyrics; Williamson shouldn’t be punished as his creativeness still shines bright even those his premise is simple.

Lets enter a disclaimer here: we’re not the most au fait with his music, but then again we’re not sure that matters too much, as his influence is an enormous factor in this album standing alone as one of the most enjoyable ones. As a whole, Backesto Park is a neat signifier as to what you might get if you ever visit San Jose. The combination of Williamson sounds, whether it’s playful or not, the skittering and blending of his instruments create something reminiscent of a lighter, less ominous film. The great strength of Williamson, by contrast, is that he creates something that sounds like a proper polished debut from a full band that has just released the soundtrack to your life.

If you haven’t had the chance to hear a Williamson song in Cameron Crowe‘s film Aloha or Joss Wheldon‘s television series Dollhouse, take a listen to the below.