Remember those escaped zoo animals? Well, the white tiger killed a guy! Over the weekend, flash floods in the Georgian capital of Tbilisi caused massive amounts of damage and killed 19 people. To date, six others are still unaccounted for. However, the news-grabbing story has been the Tbilisi Zoo’s escaped animals, as well as images and videos of their citywide escapades on social media.

According to a Zoo spokesperson, most of the animals had died during the floods on Saturday. Those that did’t were tracked down by zoo employees and police, and many of them — the more dangerous species, especially — had to be put down. But a white tiger was missed in all the confusion, and when two emergency workers stumbled upon its hiding place in a warehouse, it attacked and killed one of them. The other managed to escape.

How the tiger avoided detection, especially when the Tbilisi Zoo had stated that all animals were accounted for on Tuesday, remains unknown. Whatever the case may be, the lone remaining animal was quickly tracked down and shot dead after the incident. The Zoo has yet to address the incident publicly.