The NFL Draft is always a big deal for football fans and this year’s draft did not disappoint. One team in particular benefited a lot, and that was the Dallas Cowboys. Being known as “America’s Team” has always been a great compliment to them, but lately it looks like team owner/general manager Jerry Jones just added a few more reasons to hate America’s team.

The first round of the draft, the Cowboys selected Connecticut cornerback, Byron Jones, with mixed reactions from their fans. The second round of the draft, the Cowboys picked, Randy Gregory much to the delight of Cowboys fans like myself. Initially knowing Gregory’s situation, I was a little skeptical of the pick, but the more research I did, it seemed like a good draft pick. While Gregory failed the NFL combine drug test and has some possible mental issues, picking him was a good decision for the Cowboys. Although they will definitely have to put some work in with him, the Cowboys seem like they’re ready for the challenge.

The Cowboys needed a good defensive end, especially having one of the worst defenses in the NFL. Their defensive situation did not help with the addition of Greg Hardy, which will be serving a 10-game suspension and in my opinion was a horrible move by Jerry Jones. Even the mayor of Dallas was ashamed of their pick-up and I have to agree with him. Greg Hardy has barely even been on the team and he’s already suspended, so why would he be a good choice? Honestly, there is not a fathomable explanation why Jones would pick him.

The Cowboys also picked up La’el Collins who was cleared as a suspect in his ex-girlfriend’s murder. This pick is very similar to Gregory, because while Collins is surrounded with controversy, he was picked for his abilities. Collins is a great addition to an already stunning offensive line and also Collins was only questioned for his ex-girlfriend’s murder and is not in fact a suspect. That’s one thing that Cowboys fans are sure to bring up and with good reason too, because regardless of his controversy, Collins is still an excellent player.

One cannot talk about controversy with the Cowboys without bringing up Dez Bryant. Dez Bryant got the franchise tag slapped on him when he didn’t really want it, but most of the blame lays on his shoulders. Instead of staying with his long-time agent, he moved to the Jay Z owned Roc Nation Sports. While contract negotiations have been underway, nothing so far has been done with Bryant and he’s taking it out on the team. One thing that’s for sure is that if Bryant’s deal does not work out, the Cowboys will lose one of the best wide receivers in the game and that’s a loss they just can’t afford.

One has to imagine what Jerry Jones is thinking in this moment. He decided to pick up two players knowing the risks involved with them. Does winning matter that much to Jones or does he feel like he can give these young men the guidance they need? Whatever the reason may be, only one question comes to mind, How about them Cowboys?