Gibrilville is a 5-member Hip Hop and alternative band founded by Hip Hop lyricist Gibril Mansaray, who serves as the lead in the band. Gibrilville sound can be described Hip Hop that provides a positive world view from an African perspective as the catchy lyrical content about Gibril’s life story is accompanied by a unique composition of sounds used in alternative music. Through it all,, in the music and Gibril’s characterful vocals serve as a clear influence with the recent release of their album, The Foreigner J.J.C. Deluxe as it blends styles in a way that thrillingly recall the kitchen-sink endeavors of this new wave sounds.

The Foreigner J.J.C. is slick, soulful and full of the emotive use of reference points that is so accomplished at bending to their will in their storytelling. The pleasures are plentiful if you give your ears the time it deserves to listen as you get the opportunity to journey through unexplored avenues, genre blends and left-field Hip Hop gold that seems to always surround the Gibrilville. The Foreigner J.J.C. Deluxe is available on all online retail stores with 2 bonus songs and is accompanied by a documentary on YouTube about Gibril’s experiences in America as an immigrant. It also documents the making of his live album Black Cadillac.

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