Ronda Rousey’s new book titled My Fight/Your Fight, in bookstores May 12th, will not be publicly displayed at Walmart stores. Instead the largest retailer in the world will only sell them on-line and the purchaser can pick them up at a store. Walmart’s reasoning: “She is too violent.”

The UFC began in 1994 as a no holds barred event and was sold as violence in a cage and because of this many rallied against it including Senator John McCain. McCain commented that the UFC was “human cockfighting” and since then the UFC has had a hard time breaking that image. Despite the fact that the UFC was sold to Zuffa LLC. in 2001 and has worked very hard to regulate and form unified rules for the sport, McCain’s remark still haunts the sport. This image, of being too violent, rears its ugly head with Walmart deciding to not display the book in stores. As a long time UFC fan, it’s hard to believe that with all the growth of the sport, the globalization of the brand and all of the education available on the sport that Walmart is still stuck in 1994. It’s 2015 and now the UFC is a popular sport, with many rules, has perhaps the biggest female athlete on the planet and the puzzling part is, it still can’t overcome this archaic 21 year-old notion of being too brutal for mainstream people.

These are some talking points that Walmart needs to know about Ronda Rousey and the UFC:

First, its fighters can win contests without throwing a single punch, in fact Ronda has mastered this. Second, the concussion rate is lower than that of the NFL and NHL. Third, nobody in the history of the UFC has died. Fourth, NOBODY IN THE HISTORY OF THE UFC HAS DIED OR EVEN COME CLOSE FOR THAT MATTER; People die in Walmart all the time. Finally, Walmart, you’re going to have to wake up from your two decade long nap and realize that the UFC has changed and you haven’t.