SWEATER: a knitted garment typically with long sleeves, worn over the upper body.

Stylists and Fashion Designers are delivering a vast collection of sweaters, and we can’t wait to get our hands on them as the air gets brisk. In 2019 my assortment of knits are going to convert into a “mountain”, because there are so many appealing new alternatives. Even if you fancy a movable-none fitted off the shoulder cut, a pudgy turtleneck, or something vivid, you’ll be fascinated by these choices. They’re both snazzy, sleek, and convenient so you’ll want to live in them all winter long.

Since the weather is so fucking bi-polar and did a complete u-turn on us, a sweater would be an excellent fit. As cliche as this sounds…sweaters come in all colors, styles, sizes and materials. There are so many to choose from such as: cardigans, ponchos, crew neck, v neck, half zip sweater, mock turtle neck, raglan sleeve sweater, roll neck sweater, shawl collar sweater, sweater vest, v neck sweater…and so forth..had enough? oh well I don’t care. If you’re in search of a ideal-vintage piece that you can mix and match for business as well as informal, you can’t go wrong with a blain boring ass color and style that lacks flava… and yes you can still be sexy with a top that covers your tits!  Another option is being just like me…both sexy and tasteful and sport a sweater with a little sumthin sumthin extra added to it such as: diamonds, jewels, fur, cut outs, leather, or even pendants. I am a diva by day and a fashion goddess by night. Don’t hate just imitate! 

In conclusion, while putting together a cool sweater look isn’t rocket science, as fashion doesn’t need to be, its an assessable piece of clothing to throw on this shitty time of year.  For years i’ve viewed all sweaters of any kind to be an abomination. Up until I grew up(well, that’s debatable), and found myself breaking down like a weak bitch and adapting to their look. No matter where to go such as: to brunch, the movies, or to meet up with friends to smoke a little blunt and not giving a rats ass, this mishmash is the way to go.