SUIT: A set of outer clothes made of the same fabric and designed to be worn together, typically consisting of a jacket and trousers or a jacket and skirt.

The first time women started to wear suits  was in their work environment. They originally started to wear them to become equals to male-dominate figures. It’s no secret that there’s not equality in America when it comes to gender. But in today’s spontaneous work office, women are redefining the suit in their own fierce direction. There are many type of suits, with different material and swagger. For example: you have skirt suits, trouser suits, three piece suits, women’s suit styles, professional suites, evening suits, and business causal suits.  Now let’s break down each meaning of this stylish fashion. 

Skirt Suit: A woman’s two-piece apparel  that consists usually of a lightweight jacket and skirt and is worn either as a dress or suit.

Trouser Suit:  The authentic and primitive women’s trouser suit was created after men’s suits, with adjustments to make them fit women’s figures more perfectly. A tailored suit is perfect for nearly any occasion, from a impeccable meeting at the office to a amazingly planned wedding. Wool trouser suits are mandatory for formal wear, yet softer material suits are necessary for less ceremonial occurrences as well.

Three Piece Suit: If you are the kind of woman who loves a lot of variety and require on a wardrobe that can contain that sentiment, a three piece suit including trousers, skirt, and jacket, is exactly what you need for your wardrobe. You can add more options to your wardrobe, purchasing a three piece suit set is way less expensive than buying a suite separately. And it will also include an exact match within each one of the pieces. Making your life a lot less stressful. 

Women’s Suit Style: You have the option to choose any type of suit for any occupation, from a selection of fabrics, accessories, and colors. And with the right collection of handbag, dress shoes and even hats, you can never go wrong. These collections for women include evening suits, business-casual suits, and professional suits. 

Evening Suit: Women’s suits aren’t just created for the office. They are also created for amazing soirée’s and different type of events. These type of events include dinner parties, a on the town at the theatre, all in which depend upon a more classic, practical style. Select a suit style that includes fabrics such as satin, taffeta, or silk and one that has ladylike detailing such as, larger lapels, ruffles, and beading. You can rock a glistening satin blouse and rose gold strapped up pair of heels with an evening suit for a style that will rock off the socks of everybody that tries to compete. Leaving them with that thought in their heads “Her dress game is really next level.” 

Business-Casual Suit: Although rocking a suit is more classy than everyday wardrobe, some suit designs are more classic than others. If you have an office uniform and need to find suits in softer fabrics to rock in warmer weather, you can combine and match jackets and skirts or trousers in a variation linen or cotton material. Try rocking a yellow linen skirt with a white silk blouse and black wedge heels for an intelligent and appropriate look. Let’s see all of the guys and girls jaws drop when you walk in the office daring to be classy, bold, and different.

 In conclusion, women suites are back in style and better than ever. And we are all taking the time to think outside of the box and take things to a whole other level of being fierce and classy! 

Photography by: @_dai777_ @5smphotos @vision1studios @darrylcobb