If you’re in the market for a movie screen, I mean big screen TV, you may need to clear a little more space on your wall. Samsung unveiled a massive, 219-inch TV at the CES technology show in Las Vegas. The TV, called The Wall, uses a MicroLED display, which shows images in 4K High Definition without using as much energy as most current televisions.

Samsung already has a 146-inch version of The Wall, which was unveiled last year.  As well as “more home-friendly” 75-inch, modular version of the television is also coming out.  You can shrink or expand the wall by buying additional screens that snap together. Apparently if you decide to purchase this television and you have a Netflix account, it just might be pointless for you to ever go to the movie theaters again.

Reports note that Sony, TCL and Hisense also showed TVs 75 inches and larger in Las Vegas.