Rebel Wilson says that her roomie Matt Lucas annoys her by singing musical numbers when she’s trying to sleep. The comic actress has lived with her Bridesmaids co-star for the past three years in Los Angeles but although he is a great roommate his penchant for singing at night does annoy her. The 29-year-old actress stated, “His worse habit is singing musicals while I’m asleep. I can hear him through the walls.” When asked who is the funniest person she knows, Rebel praised her flatmate by saying, “I’m going to say Matt, but that’s really hard. I’ve met some of the world’s top comedians. And Jennifer Lawrence. She’s hilarious in real life, funnier than me.”

Despite playing the over-the-top, loud character Fat Amy in Pitch Perfect 2, Rebel insists in real-life she’s much more sensible than her alter ego. “Amy’s overly confident. I’m not a maniac in real-life. But a lot of people have told me I am comfortable in my own skin.” The successful Australian star gushed that her original goal was just to have one Hollywood film. “After Bridesmaids I got six movies in two weeks. Even though I only had four scenes in the film, people remembered me. When you’re starting out it’s not like you’re given all these amazing roles. You really have to make your own opportunities, and do the best with the material you’re given.”