Between 1987 and 1995, Full House cautioned against drinking, smoking and getting your ears pierced. But brace yourselves, because when The Tanners return as part of Netflix’s forthcoming Fuller House, things are bound to get wild and interesting; well sort of. Show star Candace Cameron Bure, whose character DJ Tanner will be a widowed mother of three when the story picks back up, said in an interview that you can expect some straight-up UNSEEMLINESS when the show returns — but not too much, of course.

“I’m sure a few of the jokes are a little bit racier now than they would have been in the ’90s, but it’s still nothing that’s inappropriate or that you would feel uncomfortable watching with your kids,” she said. “We’re three grown women, and I have to say, we’re all pretty good-looking, too. We have some cute guys on the show, too, so that’s fun.” Cameron Bure added audiences who liked DJ as a teen will be T-H-R-I-L-L-E-D by her transition into adulthood, and the same goes for Kimmy Gibbler, the neighborhood terrorist. “You’re going to howl over Kimmy!” she promised. “Andrea Barber is so funny, it’s ridiculous. She’s even funnier as Kimmy as an adult than she was as a kid. Kimmy and DJ are still best friends, and because Andrea and I have been really close friends our whole lives, you really see the chemistry on screen.”

The actress was also asked bout about Steve, a parasite with a varsity jacket collection on rotation, but she was like: NO COMMENT!!! Excited to see what Fuller House has in store? Why won’t Candace Cameron Bure talk about Steve? Do you think Steve still walks into DJ’s house and eats her pickles as if they’re his? Only time will tell. As for Steve; Scott Weinger, shared a reunion selfie with Candace Cameron Bure last night on a pal’s night out. “Sorry, Internet. #FullerHouse #iloveyoudj,” he wrote in the caption.

Sorry, Internet. #fullerhouse @candacecbure #iloveyoudj

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