Demarkation is the maximalist brainchild of a prodigious talent, which is known as Opium Denn. This drug induced 37-minute concept album is delightfully bizarre and refreshingly caustic. Simply put, Demarkation is the kind of album that simultaneously captures its era, it’s slick and gritty, fun and funny, and horrifying and grotesque all at once. It will take you on a journey that you may refuse to go on but will be glad that you reluctantly went. Crackling with radio-primed lyrics, whipsnap breakbeats and subtle vocals, Opium Denn’s debut album makes a convincing strike for playlist ubiquity, with a healthy dollop of the oddball music videos chucked in.

With pacing like a serial manga franchise, the album shines through its relentless ability to grow on you, despite all odds. Inspired by the likes of Pink Floyd or Blue Oyster Cult and packed as it is with all this goodness, with Demarkation, Opium Denn hasn’t reinvented the Rock ‘N’ Roll wheel, they’ve just driven it off road a little.

Check out Episode 1 of this 9 Part video collection.