So Jason Derulo, Stevie Wonder and Keith Urban walk into a bar. Nah, this isn’t the start to a joke, it’s Derulo’s new song Broke and its featured guest list. And boy, is it a weird one. Ok, not that weird, in this case, is a bad thing, but it’s certainly unlike anything Derulo’s released from his upcoming new album so far. Think of Broke as a mashup between Derulo’s usual pop-inflected R&B, the post-chorus melody usually supplied by something like a trumpet or saxophone replaced by a harmonica—that’s where Wonder comes in, adding a quick solo toward the end.

As for the Urban element? Along with what sounds to be backing vocals, there’s underlying banjo and acoustic guitar that gives Broke the country music touch. I’m still gonna get stoned, so you can go ahead and break your bones/ ‘Cause all I’ve ever been told, mo’ money mo’ problems so I’d rather be broke, comes a group vocal on the chorus. Broke, produced by Charlie Puth, is the fourth song debuted from Everything Is 4, Derulo’s fourth studio album, out June 2 and features more appearances such as Jennifer Lopez, Meghan Trainor, K. Michelle, Matoma, and pop-songwriter Julia Michaels. It follows lead single Want to Want Me plus Get Ugly and Cheyenne.