You may be familiar with the Hip Hop artist Nave, as the Philadelphia native has performed in the World Cafe Live venue in both Philly and Delaware as well as being featured on BKS1 Radio in Jersey. Nave is ambitious in his attempt to inspire a generation through pop culture, his album Espresso is poignant enough to actually do so.

On Espresso, the instrumentation, the arrangements of the song, everything is so fluid. Everything just seems to click on it, and Nave does more than just story tell. The more you listen to it the more it will make sense, regardless of where you from. His bars/lyrics/themes are so intertwined with each other in such an intricate way. He sets a parameter of excellence for himself with this release. We won’t be surprised if he surpasses the quality and epic-ness of Espresso in near future.

Cheers Nave, you have captured our hearts, souls, and minds.