Remember Ke$ha? The artist who was the face of dirty pop and stated she’d be releasing new music soon. Yeah her, well her fans got a fresh dose last night when she guest-starred on the CW’s Jane the Virgin. The Die Young singer played, as the show’s heavily-editorializing narrator called her, a “twenty-something wannabe rock star” neighbor who has a mutual noise dispute with Jane and her newborn Mateo. Ke$ha’s character, named Annabelle, has been ruining Mateo’s sleep cycle with her nighttime band practice. She’s unmoved by Jane’s request to tone it down (“noise-canceling headphones help”), and says the baby’s 6 a.m. wake-up call is no joy, either. When Jane’s retaliatory move — actually more of a theft, technically — causes Annabelle and her friend to lose a gig, Jane figures out a way to fix everything.

While her screen time was relatively brief, Ke$ha did get the opportunity to serve a lot of fun glares. The plot leaves the door wide open for future Ke$ha appearances, and you can watch the entire episode here. She makes her first appearance roughly eleven minutes in, but it’s a pretty good show, so you should probably watch the whole thing. You know who else watches full Jane the Virgin episodes? Britney Spears, and the show’s famous fan will be playing herself on an upcoming episode this season. Check out a behind-the-scenes interview with Jane guest star Ke$ha below.