Jessica Jones Season 2 Review
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Okay so by now I have to assume like myself, most of you have already finished season two of Marvel‘s Jessica Jones on Netflix. Yes, our favorite Private Investigator has returned for a second 13 episode season and if you’re late to the party or didn’t get the memo Jessica Jones centers around a shit talking, hard drinking & no nonsense taking private investigator who is haunted by her traumatic past and questionable decisions.

[This post contains spoilers of Seasons 1 & 2 of Marvel’s Jessica Jones]

Last season series creator Melissa Rosenberg, barely touched on Jessica’s (Krysten Ritter) childhood and the events that took place for her to acquire the powers that she currently has now. The 1st season was built around Jessica Jones, who in that moment was coming to terms with the bad desicions she made or was forced to make and being considered a hero. Rosenberg has a style of writing that allows her audience to feel as if they are living each moment along with the characters but also hints at topics that may pop up or you should keep an eye on throughout the season.

Season 2 of Jessica Jones seems to have picked up where Marvel’s The Defenders ended as Jessica and Malcolm (Eka Darville) are still running Alias Investigations, only now Jessica has promoted Malcolm to associate allowing us to see him in a more active role such as permitting him to pick cases. Malcolm has the biggest character growth in season 2. Still haunted by his demons as a drug addict in season 1, Malcolm has shifted his addictive ridden behavior into a more constructed way by focusing his days and nights to work; and in his free time, hooking up with random girls through a dating app. Malcolm also takes on the unspoken role as Jessica’s younger brother, who she lost in a car accident involving the two and their parents when Jessica was a teenager. In the begging of season 2, he is constantly tending to Jessica’s needs as a friend and business partner, always looking to shoulder some of the burden of Alias Investigation and pick-up helpful tips to improve as PI himself. By the end of the season, Malcolm has had enough of Jessica undervaluing him and leaves to join another PI firm, shifting their relationship from friends/business parnters to simply business rivals.

Trish Walker aka Patsey (Rachel Taylor) also bestfriend/step-sister to Jessica Jones is in a simliar boat as last season as she continues to fight and push Jessica to become the hero that she is capable of becoming. On the outside it seems as if Trish has it all in season 2 as she’s armed with a budding radio career, a loving man, loads of cash and a super-powered best friend. But Trish wants more a lot more, and she wants to save the world herself after a run-in with an ex that she believed as dead.  Trish starts taking illegal medicince to improve her body to superhero status giving her super-human strength. She ends the season by getting a dangerous experiment to her body in order to recieve the powers Jessica recieve when she got the experiment done to her as a kid.

Carrie-Ann Moss character’s Jeri Hogarth has experienced the least amount growth in season 2. She went through a lot as she found out she has ALS, then her business partners tried to kick her out her firm to finally having her trust issues being exposed. Throughout it all Jeri continues to be very bad ass, but I can’t say I wasn’t disappointed that she didn’t have a better chartacer arc this season. My biggest guess was that the writers sole focus for this season of Jessica Jones was on the arrival of Jessica’s thought to be dead mother Alisha Jones (Janet McTeer). What started off to be Jessica’s greatest foe turned into her greatest weakness. Alisha Jones was thought to have been killed in the same car accident that Jessica was involved in that resulted in the deaths of her father and brother. But just as the case with Jessica had an experiment performed on her by IGH, yet, unlike Jessica, Alisha couldn’t control her powers.

Due to her inability to control her powers, her rage tends to get the better of her resulting in the  frequent death of others. Ironically, Alisha’s biggest flaw wasn’t the murders she committed, if you believe that; it was her impluse always be in control especially when it came to Jessica and her lover, the scienictist who worked on Alisha and Jessica. The apperance of Alisha offers Show-runner Melissa Rosenberg the chance to give numerous flashbacks of Jessica and Trish growing up into the charcters we see now. My favorite being the flashback of Jessica finding love for the first and experiencing lost for the first time after her family’s death when she finds her boyfriend laying on the ground dead due to her mother.

“It takes a monster to stop a monster.” Jessica quickly finds out this mantra first hand as she was constantly shown through her actions that she may be the only to stop her mother and that she would have to kill her leaving her without a family once again. Overall this season gets 10 stars out of me! This season was perfect and has me inpatiently waiting for season 3 to arrive. My only issue with this season was no Luke Cage (Mike Colter), like many comic book fans I want to see more Luke and Jessica since in the comics we know they get married.

We will have to wait at least until season 3 of Jessica Jones to get any Luke & Jessica scenes considering season 2 of Luke Cage is expected to focus on the Heros for Hire theme from the comics, which airs June 22nd on Netflix. Luke Cage season 2 is expected to add fellow Defender, the Iron fist (Finn Jones) for 6 to 8 epsiodes and (Rosario Dawson) is expected to continue her role as Nurse Clarie Temple.