Even as the man that brought that damn house down at the Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival late last summer Jay Electronica has been something of a non-presence over the past year. Well, it appears the drought is over, for now. Late last night, the track Road To Perdition (which appeared on the Act II tracklist that leaked all that time ago) appeared out of the thin blue and in pretty terrible quality. But thanks to the Internet gods, we now have a CDQ version of the track for us all to drool over.

And it’s a damn good outing as Road To Perdition features some snips of Jay Z‘s lines from Success peppered into the mix over a triumphant instrumental which are laced with church organs, punctuating horns and the deathly flow from JayElec. There’s no telling if this is the first of many drops or just an internet anomaly, but you can listen to Jay Electronica’s Road To Perdition below. And do so in a hurry, never know when it’ll get the axe. Be sure to stay tuned, we’ll be keeping our eyes and ears out for anything else from the Act II vault.