“In the Right Denim A Girl Can Conquer The World.” – Unknown

DENIM: A sturdy cotton twill fabric, typically blue, used for jeans, overalls, and other clothing.

Good Denim is one of those major closet must haves for every contemporary woman. Vintage, effortless, timelessly staggering. Crossing  all groups and profitable branches and the endmost go to on laid back Friday; it pays to give a little examination to those hard-working women out there! 

Denim holds a significant place within the fashion industry (and my heart). Formally established as work wear, this substantial fabric has been reconstructed into fundamental daily wear over the years and become an apparel chief. From the place of traditional clothing, denim has grown to be a fashion sensation and is being cherished by fashion models (such as myself). It has now become a symbol of modeling and present day fashion.  The evolution of jeans from merchandise to a fashion item developed during the early 90s; when jeans were classified into a number of numerous other items such as jackets, shorts, skirts and more aside from the basics. Previous modified models like  bellbottoms, and tapered legs, were faddish. 

Be it a set of bottoms, outerwear, a top or any other stock, the essence of fashion entices the purchasers to shop around for anything denim. Between the tapestry, asymmetrical hems, and fringe specifics there are tons of ways to rock your most cherished blues. Denim is so adaptable that all of your attire goes perfectly together, no matter the shade, style or make. Studies in US mentions that Americans own at least 6 to 10 pairs of jeans. (I know my collection is quite hefty)! It can be said with confidence that denim suits everyone (Duh). Suitable to both sexes and diverse, denim is by far the most effortless addition to clothing, but just because it’s cultural and intact, doesn’t mean you can’t be bold and reckless with it.

 In conclusion, forget that standard dress code that you’re used to and find yourself a truly inspiring piece of denim to layer with a different sort of garment. Or another option would be to invest in some jeans with a different pair of design and pattern. Or even try a fitted skinny jean with some color and piazza to top off your favorite look. (I like mines skin tight and just right). Fashion is all about trying new things.  Ladies its time to experiment with some of the most complex trends of the season. It’s 2019, time to be fun-flirty and risky; whats the worst that can happen?

Photographs by @_dai777_ @LavenChilds @darrylcobb @keithdavisphotos