Think of Bitter’s Kiss self-titled debut album as a coming-of-age movie, where singer Chloe Baker features as the young female protagonist that is forced to transition from youth to adulthood but is lucky enough to have the guidance of her father, Michael Baker. Because that’s what this album is. If there was anything negative about this project that the father-daughter duo crafted, it might be the fact that Chloe’s childhood may have been robbed by life as you listen to how she documents such events in this open diary. Bitter’s Kiss turns out to be an enticing fusion of the sweet melodic voice of a broken angel who’s emotionally charged lyrics are soothed with raw empathy by the careful hand of a skilled maestro.

Bitter’s Kiss masters the pop-soul genre and truly captures depressive moments and makes them soar. The duo has channeled the hardships faced in a young teenager’s life and turned it into a tightly-performed and polished debut as they inspire and stir up the same emotions in the listener that are clearly displayed on the album.

Bitter’s Kiss is full of character as it’s evident Chloe Baker’s vulnerability isn’t exploited by her father but instead utilized in a constructive way that allows her to express her feelings. We’re definitely excited to her more from this duo.

Check out her music video for The Rope below: