When a band is birthed from Palm Desert, California, the same location that hosts arguably the world’s beat music fest in Coachella, the pressure to be great is on. But that may not the be case with the IIIZ as the Alternate EDM band is up to the challenge. In midst of searching for their lane and creating their own unique sound, the fearless foursome may have stumbled on uncharted territories and birth a new genre. Such creativity and forward thinking has landed them in the studio with Sen Dog of Cypress Hill and they’ll also kick off on a tour that will see them playing live shows around the US and Canada in 2016.

While a release date for an album is unknown at this, while listening to Manic Pixie there are moments of eye-opening wonder as the IIIZ occasionally veer toward that kind of generic grass-root music that dominate romantic comedy soundtracks and scores as well as long-distance telephone commercials but with a little more personality. While their modesty in Manic Pixie, the IIIZ make music that is more compelling than a lot of artists who make a grand show of their joy and/or grief. You can also see the IIIZ weaving their spell as effectively as ever; it’s marvelous music well worth your time and attention. And wouldn’t you love to be one of the first to hear from a band that seems to be destined to grace a stage at Coachella?

Check out Illz music video for their song Manic Pixie: