As you know there are many in-front-of-the-camera talent, but there can only be one Lauren Q. Peacock; a statement so criminally cliché, but it still rings invariably factually.

She is different things to different people: on one hand she’s an ideal muse to photographers; a thirst-trapping dessert to digital peepers, yet also a defiant critic of the insane world we inhabit by checking its sexual abuse infestation. And while she lends a helping hand behind-the-scenes as she assists with events from time to time, her particular preference is to grace our screens. With Lauren’s name on your call sheet, you can be sure she’ll leave her mark and that’s her plan. Get familiar with the pint-sized starlet with our exclusive interview below.

Originally we see you’re from New York, but you’re currently based in Atlanta. What sparked the move?
A lot of my family left New York due to the cost of living. I followed behind shortly after.

Can you tell us the differences culture wise between the two cities?
New York is very fast paced compared to Atlanta. Here everything is pretty much over at 2 am. New York the festivities are just beginning around that time. Culture wise they are basically the same now. So many people from up north are here. I meet more northerners here than people who are from here. The big buildings downtown remind me of home though. Every time I’m down there I get a little home sick.

As an actress, what type of roles excite you?
I like comedy and drama roles but I would say a horror film role excites me. I have yet to play in a horror film but I love scary movies. I want to play the bad guy! I know that will be so dope to film.

Which actors or actresses inspire you?
I am inspired by Jada Pinkett Smith, Angela Bassett, Taraji P. Henson, Viola Davis and a ton of others. Honestly every African American actress who is successful is an inspiration to me in one form or another. I know from watching them that this dream can be achieved.

How do you usually prepare for a role?
When I get a script I begin to break it down and truly try to get to know my character, the obstacles, objective and etc. A lot of times I don’t have a reading partner so I use an app to hear the other lines out loud if it’s a very lengthy role.

What’s your “day job” or complimentary career? Give us a few details about your day to day activities and how you go about it.
I work for my families business helping with special need kids. This gives me an open schedule to film because I can go to work whenever. I do have a 6 year old daughter so my day always starts at 6:30 am to get her up and ready for school. If I am not booked for a project then I am normally home self submitting, training or sleep, LoL.

What is one thing about your current career that you didn’t anticipate when you were younger? How did your career evolve in ways you didn’t expect?
When I was younger I thought acting was so easy. Now I know all the hard work that actually goes into it. Me and my cousins would re-enact a lot of movies and think we were just on superstar status from repeating them, LoL. Right now, I can’t say anything in my career is unexpected. I prepare and I put myself out there for opportunities so everything that’s happened so far was expected from the input.

How do you stay sharp as an actress? Do you use any techniques or take any classes?
I train with multiple coaches and constantly self submit so I can audition as much as possible. I also get together with other actors and we practice with each other.

Is it difficult balancing life as an actress and your personal life?
I wouldn’t blame acting completely for my lack of personal life because I am not filming every single day but it does contribute to it.

Shot by Michael Merles

Recently you had a fan page created about you for your role on The Walking Dead, how did that feel?
Yes, I had no clue about that. That was one of the first projects I did. It wasn’t even a speaking role but because of how big the show is and the character I portrayed, that garnered a lot of attention for me. It was pretty cool to see. Whoever made it definitely knew their stuff.

What are you goals for 2019?
To book more and live life to the fullest while I can and really work on being a better me.

Since it’s so easy to brand yourself nowadays due to social media, do you think creatives have to be careful of what they say on social media?
Yes, I do. Social media is really good for gaining exposure from going viral and stuff but it can also be your downfall. People are so easily offended and sensitive and things can come across a different way than how you intended. I’ve seen social media destroy quite a few brands and people over the years.

Living in the Time’s Up and #MeToo area, do you find that men in the industry have changed their behavior in regards to how they treat female talent?
I truly hope they do. I honestly haven’t experienced anything recently but I for sure have in the past. The only way for this to truly change is for women to continue to speak up and for these men to continue to feel the repercussions.

How would you describe your perfect role? Who would you star with? Who’s the director? The genre of the movie and what would the be film be about?
Perfect role will be me playing in a movie like Set It Off with fierce women leads. I’d definitely love to play a role like that to put my fire arms training to use. For something like this I would want to star alongside with Jada (for any movie really lol). The director would be F. Gary Gray. It would be a drama movie with lots of action. I really do have a film idea in my head so I don’t wanna spill it all but it would definitely be about surviving America in multiple capacities.

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