Frank Peters, the South Carolina Hip Hop artist, is making quite the name for himself in the music industry and while he reminds us of Jersey’s Redman, everything about him is unique. On his recent album, 50 Shades of Frank, we’re reminded why he like this guy in the first place. He consistently delivers high-enegry infectious music and his hard work is clearly on display as he churns countless music videos.

Whether you’re completely sober or tripping on whatever, his music is still incredible and his charisma shines on each song with a melodic flow that keeps you coming back every time. The lyrics are honest which is the most important part, and unlike a lot of artists out nowadays, he doesn’t stick to one style as we never know what to expect before we click play.

All we can say, thank you Frank Peters for giving us music that I could listen to every day, in whatever mood or state of mind. Thank you for doing it for the fans. Check out the music video below and help yourself to a healthy dose of 50 Shades of Frank.