That turtle neck that you refused to take off in December is now packed up and locked away collecting specs of dust. It’s time to get rid of your sweaters that are no longer in style and replace them with cashmere oversized ponchos to spice up your closet and add a little extra edge. My dear it’s that time of the year, where you despise everything you own but, still need to keep it cute, classy, and toasty! 

Poncho: an outer piece of clothing without sleeves which hangs from  your shoulders, made of a large piece of material with a hole in the middle for your head. 

As the arctic weather approaches,  ponchos offer an all around fashion statement to all genre of women. Before dismissing them as too mind-boggling, consider that a poncho can be arranged in a stylish, approbative way to suit women of all sizes. Any women can seek out a poncho that fits her body perfectly. Don’t be intimidated by ponchos! From petite and curvy to long and lanky, this soft-cozy piece of outerwear can be worn in a variety of ways! Since a poncho is often the largest product of clothing being worn, harmonizing it with the other parts of the outfit is key.

Instead of a jacket or sweater as mentioned above, a small fitted poncho can be paired with jeans, leggings, or my personal favorite..a pair of leather pants for a unique look. I would also match it up with a cute clutch or purse, a fashionable hat and some killer knee high or ankle boots for a perfect finish! Instead of a massive, baggy coat, the poncho provides amiability in a voguish way.  Packing a poncho in your bag can be an clever solution for many travel scenarios. For example,  anyone who likes to take trips or who are on the go, the poncho can come in handy as a relaxing pillow or blanket! 

In closing, ponchos have made an outstanding comeback in the fashion world so controversial that even celebrities jumped on board. The trendsetting poncho has transitioned into an elite item of clothing and even featured in numerous fashions events such as: New York Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week, LA Fashion Week, Milan Fashion Week, and more.

All Photographs by @_Dai777_ and @VadorPhotography