It’s sad that even with a Grammy nomination on her resume, countless praise from her musical peers and the undying support from her fans, an artist as talented as Emily King isn’t more relevant these days. But that may just speak to the current times of the music industry. Bigger exposure aside, that doesn’t stop King from belting out unbelievable hits and today the NYC-based songstress let go of yet another lovely gem from her forthcoming project (yet to be named) with the release of Good Friend; a shuffling, bustling soul-strutting specimen that finds King soaring as she typically does, with a twangy guitar lead that blazes the track about halfway through, until the soulstress’ croon makes a return to cap off this criminally short cut.

There’s no way to be sure whether his touch has marked the number but King has been putting in work with Black Messiah honorary member of The Vanguard, Ben Kane, and if the rest of her new piece sounds anything Good Friend then we’ll all certainly be in for a treat when it finally lands. If you need any further testament to the greatness of Emily King and her finely tuned ensemble, jump back and put your ears and eyes to the silky, Motown-channeling number Distance. We’ll be sure to have the scoop on all things Ms. King as the goods as the arrive.

As for now, take a listen to Good Friend below.