It’s true that I’m an actor but I’m also an artist of many sorts so I love things that are pleasing to the eye. This fact often leads me to shallow romantic endeavors with women that I have absolutely nothing in common with. Therefore there was much disruption in communication regarding my needs [most of the time it’s space]. I know what you’re thinking, “But that sounds like a reasonable request.” No, I mean tons of space: days, even. My last long relationship was based on looks. So you could imagine how sour it went; and how quickly.

My much needed pilgrimages were mistaken for rendezvous with strange women. In all actuality I just needed a break from the monotony of life. Logical thinkers realize that we [creatives] are not wired like the rest. So you have to approach the situation differently. Many of us are introverted. Meaning generally if we are with you but not present, chances are we aren’t fucking the rest of the world; we don’t like people that much. We are just taking a breather from the otherwise overwhelming world around us. However, if you crowd us or ridicule our very nature – we are likely to flee.

Conversely, we love hard. We are our own worst critics [pair that with the Virgo mentality]. And we don’t like that we judge; but we constantly do (How could an actor mirror someone else’s personality for a role without knowing their motives?). Some of us could be construed as pompous but that’s not true. Being blessed with the gift of entertaining the world and enhancing the aesthetic of things, we just have strong opinions on how things should present.

Enjoy our cynical nature, I assure you it’s all in good fun. One of the qualities I love in a woman is my ability to make her [gut] laugh. Not chuckle; but laugh. I’m sure it’s part ego but it’s mainly just fulfilling to see your woman happy. And the fact that we obtain the ability to do so, makes us happy.

Don’t pressure us into systematic thinking. Let us make the decisions regarding marriage, finance, and legalities in our own time. We will research the fuck out of it and become a semi-professional in 3.7 hours. Think of every entertainment award show, ever. What do the actors, directors, writers, and musicians almost habitually say to their partners as they take the podium? “Thanks for putting up with me.” It’s no coincidence and honestly we wish we could be simpler folk. But that’s just not who we were meant to be.

We were meant to shake up the world. Some people color in the lines and others draw the pictures; we are the latter. Don’t date a creative unless you can reciprocate loyalty. We tend to read into things deeply thus we are insecure. So while it may take time for you to break down the fortress, I assure you – it is mighty cozy within those walls. Take your time with creatives, give us space, don’t interrupt our work and you just might have met the love of a lifetime.

P.S. We’re better in bed too; because in the words of Don Draper: we’re creative.