Now we’re not suggesting that the cuffing of a pant is novel, groundbreaking or a new chart–topping concept, but when we see a fresh take on wearing jeans, we take note. This latest cuffed look is more of a gentle, haphazard roll (rather than a square, stiff tuck) and it’s one of the easiest ways to add a subtle hint of laid-back character to your outfit.

There’s an art to this relaxed cuff thing, so we asked our denim team to explain how to get our roll on, so to speak.

1. Start with gently wrinkled denim, which holds its shape better than an ironed-flat pair. (It’s the same idea as unwashed, next-day hair being better at holding a curl.)

2. Depending on how much skin you’d like to show, fold the jeans up once, approximately two inches. Make sure this cuff is a bit larger than your ideal final roll—the extra fabric keeps the look loose, rather than starched and precise (à la Happy Days).

3. For your last and final move, gently roll the jeans another time and—attention, please—lightly tug the cuff downward. This creates an anchor effect so that the jeans hang stylishly straight. Done and done.