Wonder Woman is about to get hot and heavy with Chris Pine. Sources say the Star Trek actor is in negotiations to join Gal Gadot in the upcoming superhero pic for Warner Bros. Pine would play Gadot’s love interest Steve Trevor in the origin story.

Patty Jenkins, who recently replaced Michelle MacLaren, is directing from a script by Jason Fuchs. Wonder Woman will be released in 2017. Charles Roven is exec producing the DC Comics tentpole for Atlas Entertainment. Zack Snyder, director of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, is also producing. In the comics, Steve Trevor was an intelligence officer in the United States Army during World War II whose plane crashed on Paradise Island, the isolated homeland of the Amazons. He was nursed back to health by the Amazon princess Diana, who fell in love with him and followed him when he returned to the outside world. There she became Wonder Woman (and also his co-worker, Diana Prince).

Rumors had suggested that Scott Eastwood had landed the part, but insiders say that Eastwood was given a choice to test for the Trevor role or sign on for a guaranteed supporting part in Suicide Squad, which he opted to take. Warners tested a handful of other actors but later decided to look at more high-profile names and go with a straight offer. Pine won over production execs and Gadot at his meeting, leading the studio to pursue him for the role.

Pine, having starred as Captain Kirk in the last two Star Trek movies, is no stranger to the fanboy world, but Wonder Woman will mark his first venture into cinema’s most popular genre and should lead to more opportunities in DC’s Justice League universe. Gadot’s Wonder Woman, of course, plays a key role in Snyder’s forthcoming Batman v Superman, which arrives next March. Pine is currently in production on the thriller Comancheria and will immediately jump into production on Star Trek 3 afterward. He can be seen next in Z for Zacharia this August and co-stars in the Disney adventure pic The Finest Hours bowing next year.