Charlie Funk, the longtime songwriter for Brooklyn-based global soul label, True Groove Records, shows us what happens an artist decides to blend alternative and funk music as he steps onto the scene with his solo debut EP Give Me A Groove. The EP features collaborations with former P-Funk All-Stars: Michael “Kidd Funkadelic” Hampton, and Amp Fiddler, as well as special guest in spoken word performance from Marla Mase, and music from The True Groove All-Stars.

As we go on this funky butt shakin’ trip with Charlie Funk, we get to see the gentle shift in direction for him even though he’s not saying anything new, but he’s vocalizing timeless emotion in such a funky fashion. Even though it was referred to us as a recommended track, we believe the execution wavered with the lead track Lunch in Babylon but Funk quickly re-engages in the sound that it has staked out over the duration of the album–performing music that’s still as beautiful, optimistic, strange, and singularly funky as ever. The instrumental and compositional mastery on the album is staggering. Whether it will make a dent in the consciousness of those who don’t spend their time listening at the edges of the alt-funk firmament is another question entirely.

Check out the EP below: