Nowadays every pretty female (as well as the not so pretty ones) with an Instagram account think they’re models but enter Ariel Andrade, a stunning beauty that rather not consider herself a model despite the fact the camera is clearly in love with her. We had the opportunity to chat with Ariel to find out what this little mermaid is all about.

How would you describe yourself?
Ariel Andrade: I always have a tough time with this question, maybe because I feel weird talking about myself but I’ll try my best to answer. I feel that I’m a loyal romantic, a defender of the defenseless when the situation calls for it. I’m also a clown, I love to make people laugh. I can be intense as well, I’ve been told I have a strong personality. I can also be a little hot headed at times. I guess that’s what happens when you’re raised in NY/NJ. I’m also very passionate with things.

Would you consider yourself a model? If so, what kind?
Ariel: I never call myself a model, but if I had to describe it, I’d say I’m a freelance model. I’m not tied down to an agency, maybe that’ll change in the future but for now I don’t mind doing my own thing.

How did your modeling career get started?
Ariel: I was helping an acquaintance of mine with a school project that she had to do and it kinda just snowballed from there.

What has been your favorite shoot/campaign/work to date?
Ariel: That’s a tough one. I have honestly enjoyed all of the shoots I’ve been a part of, they were all a different kind of adventure for me and a great learning experience.

Do you ever get shy in front of the camera?
Ariel: Oh god, all the time! It was worse when I first started, but I still get nervous now and then. I don’t think that’ll ever go away.

How would you describe your personal style, Where do you pull your inspiration from?
Ariel: It all depends on my mood for the most part, but I feel my style gives off a more urban vibe. I usually pull inspiration from pictures on fashion blogs or just people I see on the street.

Do you have any hidden talents?
Ariel: I honestly don’t feel that I do, but I do like taking pictures. Photography has been my passion for a long time now.

Favorite movie?
Ariel: I’d never be able to answer this question, as a movie buff I have several movies I love for different reasons.

As a collector, what does your comic collection currently consist of?
Ariel: All things CatWoman and as times goes on that collection grows. I have a collection of Archie comic books too, I was addicted to those at one point in my childhood. I also collect National Geographic magazines mainly for the photos.

Five things you can’t live without?
Ariel: Things? Ok. well music, my camera, books, my memory box and my car.

What’s your favorite band/music at the moment?
Ariel: Well my favorite band as a young girl was the Backstreet Boys. LOL. I don’t have one now. I listen to almost every genre of music but my first love has always been Hip Hop.

Give us 5 facts about you people may not know.
Ariel: 1. I’m ambidextrous 2. I’m double-jointed 3. I can wiggle my nose 4. I have to cover my ears with my blanket when I sleep 5. I speak fluent Portuguese (Brasil)

How serious should we take your Instagram?
Ariel: My Instagram is sort of like my virtual diary, but it only displays the things I want you to see. There are a lot of things about me you’ll never know by looking at my Instagram. It is a little glimpse into my mind though.

How much of a romantic are you?
Ariel: Ha! I’m a serious romantic. Blame all the fairy tale books I read as a child.

As a work of art, which famous artist would you want to capture your likeness?
Ariel: It would be between Leonardo Da Vinci because of his piece La Scapigliata or Gustav Klimt because of his paintings Danae and The Kiss.

You can catch Ariel on Instagram @OhSoAriel_