Listening to BledJon‘s album, The Popular Loner, lends an invaluable perspective into one interesting life. The Popular Loner is an important piece to what appears to be the start to a budding career and this collection makes it possible to imagine the many chapters that could have been added or removed from the album while still telling the same story, as well as documenting the thought and effort BledJohn put into the process.

The Bay area rapper’s careful selection of tracks should be credited to his parents, as his musical influences comes from his parents due to the fact both are musicians themselves. His journey to Hip Hop was filled with detours as his mother prevented him from listening to the genre and instead filled his ears with old soul, R&B and Christian Radio. From the beginning BledJohn cheerfully and playfully embraces the simplicity, ratcheting up both the sparkle and sentiment so the album feels completely genuine in its embrace of his life.

Listen to BledJohn’s The Popular Loner.