Someone bet Iguodala would win Finals MVP and won a ton of money! But if you had told me that Andre Iguodala would be the 2015 NBA Finals Most Valuable Player back in November, I’d have audibly gasped, taken off my delicate white satin glove and slapped you across the face. He was a role player to begin the season. He is the fifth best player on the Golden State Warriors — a team with the best shooter in the league. Plus, he was going up aaginst LeBron James — the greatest basketball player on Earth who’s won the award twice in the last three years. Why the hell would Andre freakin’ Iguodala be Finals MVP?

Looking at his stat line from the series, I’m still not sure how he beat out LeBron, who scored 38% of his team’s points this series. Averaging 16.3 points, four assists and 5.8 rebounds per game through six games against the Cleveland Cavaliers, Iggy is far and away the worst Finals MVP in NBA history. Last year’s winner, Kawhi Leonard, was the second worst (statistically speaking), with a line of 17.8/6.4/2.0. For measure, have a look at some of the previous winners — most of which have been regular season MVPs and all have been starters (unlike Iguodala, who came off the bench for most of the season).

As you can imagine, the odds of the 31-year-old former Sixer accepting a trophy from Bill Russell last night weren’t very good — even through three games of the series. Of course, that didn’t stop some genius down in Australia from putting $500 on a prop bet backing him at 125/1.