The Otherside: An Art Exhibit is the perfect album title for Atlanta rapper, Apollo, as he paints the most melodramatic of pictures with his music. It’s powerful and emotionally moving as it portends dire circumstances yet also leaves you on a note of optimism as it draws hope in a bleak world chock-full of momentous depth. Apollo’s gut-wrenching yet free-flowing style of delivery really raises the bar and shows him elevate from indie Hip Hop to a more existential frame of mind. This mindset’s composed amid a haze of distortion and equally agonizing storytelling which feels very reminiscent but it still daring enough and more so, free, to differentiate his sound from others.

The stark reality is The Otherside: An Art Exhibit sets in with less pained cries and the symphonic sound created from the myriad instruments help build this world of vulnerability and burden quite well. So much emotions emerge as one song transitions to the next as Apollo continues to hold absolutely nothing back. It’s bold, jammed with raw emotion and to top that, brutally honesty. I expected some sort of indie explosion as the finale but this artist knows how to draw the curtains pretty nicely on an album that can only be summed up as thought-provoking.

Every moment on The Otherside feels intentional, and as a result, authentic.

Take a listen to project below: