Stop the presses. No, seriously. It doesn’t really matter what else is said today about Donald Trump‘s fantastical run for the White House, because Ann Coulter just dropped a knowledge bomb about how the United States might possibly rethink its approach to immigration reform.

Does it involve changing existing legislation, or creating and passing new laws? No. Working with current illegal immigrants to help them earn or achieve US citizenship? Nada. Does it involve Tinder? Yup. It was said in jest, of course, but Coulter joked about how she’d approach the issue during a book signing on Tuesday, saying she’d “do it like Tinder.”

“I could decide like that about who to admit into this country, I would have it all decided before breakfast.”

With less joking and more fiery detail, Coulter added:

You will see in my book that our immigration officials aren’t really thinking when they’re admitting people into this country. What they consider a hard decision, I consider such an easy decision.

Whether or not revising the country’s current immigration system a la the most popular hook-up dating app among millennials remains to be seen, though I’m going to go out on a limb and swipe left on the whole affair.

But all joking aside, immigration reform is already an important policy topic in modern American politics. Between Coulter’s prior “flamethrowing” and the immigration protesters who disrupted Jeb Bush’s recent campaign announcement, it’s not going away any time soon. You’ll see it again throughout the coming 2016 campaign, as candidates won’t be able to “swipe” it away as easily as they’d prefer.