Adam Reifsteck founded Teknofonic Records to be a record label that supports forward-thinking artists producing genre-blending EDM. Better known in the studio as Sonic Fear, Reifsteck and Teknofonic’s mission is quite simple; creating a world that unites adventurous listeners with boundary-crossing creators who are not afraid to revolutionize the EDM scene.

And with the release of the compilation, Teknofonic Essentials, Volume 1, Sonic Fear and company leaves enough space for all to live harmoniously together. Melodies and countermelodies run free, but nothing ever feels overblown or unnecessary, which is a hard task to accomplish with EDM, so just imagine when you start spicing it up with other genres. There’s so much going on this album and yet it is refreshing and highly entertaining. The album is indulgent, but put together with so much detail and care that it would be really awesome if there was a film made around it.

Packed with tight arrangements, this Teknofonic Essentials, Volume 1, adds plenty of new songs to the label’s repertoire that are sure to keep the crowds dancing late into the night.
T.E. Volume 1 isn’t about just moving forward, but it’s about curating the works of a collection artists to create something fun and pleasurable.

Teknofonic Essentials, Volume 1 is available on iTunes now.

But you can get a sample with Sonic Fear’s I’ll Be Your World featuring Veela.