Director Zack Snyder only just announced Thursday that the first trailer for Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice would debut on April 20 in select IMAX theaters, but it seems like the villains lurking around Gotham and Metropolis had other plans. Low-res, shaky, blurry, and with Portuguese subtitles, we’re quickly introduced to the gritty world of the DC Comics verse. Wonder Woman is missing from the trailer, but we get plenty of close shots of Batman, Superman, and their respective suits while Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor provides the now obligatory mysterious voice-over from a figure of power. Superheroes they may be, but they’re no longer as beloved as they once were.

Add in one confrontational shot and we’ve got the hero showdown we’ve been waiting for. Warner immediately took down the bootleg trailer and decided to release the official one. So much for Snyder’s promo roll out. But we still say, it would have been best to keep things hush-hush and kept the Batman, Wonder Woman, etc. a secret until it was time to release the trailer but we digress.

Check out the official trailer below.